it’s sweet

He is out there playing his guitar and it is just sweet.  It’s sweet to hear him practice songs that were written for one reason.  And sweet to hear him make new tunes up.  I’ve got that simple joy back and it’s for a multitude of reasons and honestly it’s here to stay.  And that is sweet.

And this is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord; He will also deliver the Moabites into your hand.

2 Kings 3:18

This anchors me.

It’s about right now.  It’s about today.  If my mind is fixed on 129 days down the road and how much better things will be then, I’ve already lost.  Because that is the only thing separating me from a covetous heart and a content heart.

It’s not like I’m coming to this realization on my own, but man it has hit me hard.  As usual, it’s a reminder to ask for strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.  My hope is not a draining force that drives me crazy as I wait for it to be established.  It is a confident expectation of what will be.  But that is no excuse to neglect living in the present day and keep hoping so hard it hurts.  This season has got to be one of joy.

And I don’t quite know how to attain that except for the reminder that in His presence is fullness of joy.  It’s about abiding in the vine.  Being with Christ.  Seizing every day and every time I’m in the word as a chance to commune and come close and be joyful.  Not because I’m so overwhelmingly glad with where I am in these circumstances.  But because I am in the presence of Christ.

My I have a lot to learn.  But what better way to spend this season than learning by sitting at the feet of Jesus.  Oh to be like that.  I have this hope.  This anchors me.

It’s a familiar track playing and

all the memories are flooding in again and it’s a good thing and even though I can’t help but have all the same conversations with you I’m glad that we are having them because these are the best conversations.  I have not always looked at you this way but man am I glad that Jesus grabbed a hold of my heart that afternoon in June.

He gives more grace and that is exactly what I need.  Oh to be filled with grace.  To give out grace.  In the least gracious of situations.

The person that I am without Jesus is terrifying.